Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama's Dairy Policy Reaches Dakar

Caption: And what tasty flavor of ice cream is this? A fine cinnamon, perhaps? A dainty dollop from the sea for a nautically Dakar-ian twist on the icy treat? No no, it is the flavor of an American president!

Today I had an Obama-flavored milkshake. Chocolate, with crumbled cookies - slightly gooey - and a hint of caramel.

Classic Obama, for sure.

Caption: All that Obama-flavored goodness, in a cup. Sip that through a straw!

I'm in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, for a week, enjoying good food, a lively street and architecture scene, and the furthest west coastline on the African continent.

There's an ice cream shop just around the corner from my hotel. It's called N'Ice. Very nice. So nice I've been going just about every day.

Caption: She scoops up Obama with the greatest of ease.

I might actually need that Obama health care plan soon.

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