Thursday, May 12, 2011

Abstracts - Lighting

There's some other camera buffs here in Accra that I sometimes trade photos with.  A couple months ago we challenged each other to work with lighting in new or challenging ways.  I ended up getting into some creative abstract work, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  Here's a few of the results.

This is a specialty light bulb (red with orange lips painted onto it) that I lit and hung in front of a TV with nothing but static showing on its screen.  You can see the static-grain, frozen in time.  The screen is partially blanked-out because I sped my shutter up enough to outpace the little 'gun' that scans back and forth shooting electrons or whatever-the-heck-they-are onto the back of the screen to make up the image that we see.

This one is the same red bulb hung in front of the same static-flooded TV screen, but in fuzzy focus.  I also manually turned the white balance way down to get the cold, blue tones.  For this one, I fired a flash to create the ghostly white blob, which is the flash's reflection in the TV glass.

These fuzzy-focused red and green dots are the little off/on lights on my satellite TV decoder.  You can make out the edge-lines of the satellite box and the top of the TV, where the box sits (they're slanty, since I tilted the camera over a bit on my ball-top tripod).  The white blob is, again, a fired flash bouncing off the front of the TV.  This shot required a bit of physical juggling, as I had to turn my satellite box off/on in the middle of the shot (around a 5 second exposure) to get both the red and green off/on lights into the same frame.

This was my first time working hard with a more abstract concept, and the first that I've put fuzzy-focus to good use.  I might be addicted.

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