Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is the Normal That I Bring With Me More Normal Than the Normal That I Find Here?

I've tried to refrain from posting very much about Accra's perceived everyday oddities.  I'm a guest in Ghana, after all, and loudly proclaiming that the normal I bring with me is more normal than the normal that I find here feels a little prejudicial.

But, if I'm going to get my blog quotient up, I need fodder for quick posts.  And, now that I have a phone with a (very poor) camera inside it, I can snap the stand-outs of daily life any time.

We'll put this photo in the "How the Heck Did This End Up on the Shelf of a Fancy Grocery Store in Ghana?" category.

And on aisle 5, between the Fairy detergent orbs and the latex doctors mitts,
a box of Subway-brand plastic gloves, polyethylene for that filmy freshness.
Apparently, next time I need a bunch of Subway-sandwich-shop logo-ed plastic gloves for my everyday life in Accra, I'll know where to go.

But with the absence of Western-branded food places here, for the actual sandwich, I'd have to fly one in.  So much for eating fresh.

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