Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beer Bottles Find Medicinal Use

Though the reason for buying these packets of Oral Rehydration Salts at my local pharmacy was lamentable, the packaging design was totally worth the 80 pesewas (about 40 cents US) I spent, absent any health purpose.

Made in Ghana for distribution in West Africa, the graphics are locally-motivated and culturally appropriate.

Directions (click on photo to see larger, more readable version) specify using a beer bottle (a standard size regionally, bigger than the usual US beer bottle) to measure the proper amount of water for mixing.  To a Western mindset this is complete humor, but for local use it's right on - a normal Ghana 'kitchen' is often a space outdoors and won't include marked measuring cups, but the beer bottle is ubiquitous.

Not laughable - the injunction to use clean (i.e. uncontaminated and drinkable) water.  Access to water that is free of contaminants and disease is not a given in this part of the world.


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