Sunday, April 28, 2013

Funnier in Translation

Buying my favorite packaged-for-Europe rice cakes at my local MaxMart grocery store in Accra, I noticed someone had (very helpfully) stuck on a sticker translating the ingredients and the marketing hype.

"Ingredients: 98. % natural brown rice, sesame.  Perhaps check the rice cakes, for example, for breakfast including, as a snack for in between, at home, traveling or at work.  The recipes are as delicious as it manifolds: it tastes better with butter, honey, fruit spreads, curd, cheese, hearty cold cuts, delicious biozentrale spreads or as companion to all kinds of fruity yogurt."

It makes me laugh when I come across such examples of semi-mangled English.  These even wittier for trying (and mostly succeeding) to sound upscale.

Sometimes things are simply funnier in translation.

"…check the rice cakes…" - Check them for what?  Well, if it's my kitchen these days, for ants.

"…as a snack for in between…" - For in between?

"The recipes are as delicious as it manifolds…" - Gotta applaud the random use of "manifolds."

And I love the way "it tastes better with butter" rolls off the tongue.

I must admit that, after photographing the packaging just now, I had a rice cake with some fruity spreads.

Guess I'm a sucker for marketing hype.  Maybe things are tastier in translation, too.


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